About me

I was born by the Mediterranean Sea in Nice in 1966. My first steps were on the beach and probably from there comes my love for wide horizon and the desire to find out what is on the other shore…

After a childhood in the beautiful city of Toulouse, I grasped my teenage years in Paris where I graduated, studied Communication, writing and Press Relations and started working as journalist and Press Attaché.

After a detour of few years in the Carribean Islands, I landed in Saint Jean de Luz, on the Atlantic Coast of France to become a professional sailor.  At the age of 30,  my father passed and I discovered Kundalini Yoga.

My life made a 360 ° turn and I started studying and practicing intensively Kundalini Yoga. I attended the Master’s touch in France with Yogi Bhajan, the last one he taught himself.

This was the destiny knocking in! Same year was the meeting with Shiv Charan Singh and Karam Kriya, the love of my life!

I then dedicated my life to these two disciplines.

The year 2000 was the turning point, the re-setting of  my program! I met my husband, Gurbasant Singh at the European Yoga Festival and moved from the surfer’s paradise  to the shores of Frankfort in Germany where he had been running a flourishing business, the Sat Nam Company, specialized in the 3ho Lifestyle and Ayurveda.

Our two children were born in Germany and it is always a surprise to me to see them as Germans! Motherhood had always been an important theme in my life and my yogic husband has been through the years a great source of inspiration, advice and guidance for me.

avtar kaur and her family
Avtar Kaur

In 2004 I ended my Karam Kriya Consultancy training and became a consultant and later on a trainer.

About at the same time I trained to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, doing my training in London. A few years later I absolved the Level 2 and now am in the Level 3 Beta group, always under the guidance of the School of Karam Kriya and my teacher Shiv Charan Singh.

I am a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga trainer and Karam Kriya trainer, teaching in different countries in Europe. I have been trusted to become a member of the boards of directors of the SDEI board (supervising the Miri Piri Academy in India), and served in the board of directors of 3HO Europe since 2010.

When I can, I enjoy family, Sangat, skiing, sailing and practicing Landart.

All these years, through my work, my family, I have dedicated myself to serve the vision of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan to create a spiritual family: Healthy, Happy and Holy !