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Workshops lasting few hours in a festival, a weekend or several days, on a variety of themes that create a deep and caring space for transformation, with particular attention paid to raising your frequency and transforming what still prevents you from giving the best of yourself. 

In France, Germany, Switzerland or elsewhere, always in locations close to nature and accompanied by quality accommodation where body soul and mind can finally come into harmony.

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Swiss Kundalini Yoga Festival – July 5th 2024

“The Radiance of your true self is your given birthright. What keeps you away then from living the totality of your excellence? Your power lies in purification. Purification comes through when you serve others, uplift others. When you become a beacon of light, a lighthouse for everyone.
Then you can eliminate from your life all darkness and blocks, all the traps of the Ego-mind and finally let your light shine for ALL.”