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Kundalini Yoga



What is Kundalini yoga ?

The Yoga of Awareness

Coupled with the study of the numbers, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool to bring balance between body, Mind and Soul. It is the technology for our times: quick, efficient, complete in itself and fun!  It brings multi dimensial changes and open so many new windows on who you really are!

Begin your journey

Yoga is for everyone !

Join weekly classes, retreats, workshops on line or in presence, and enjoy short and efficient meditations,
to start your practice and improve your daily life starting now.

Choose your personal class :

3 minutes meditation

Invest in yourself! Just 3 minutes to find yourself, breathe deeply and recharge. Simple, concise exercises, practice where you want, when you want.

Online Yoga Classes

A regular practice that follows you into your personal space with a variety of themes, a connection across time and space. You can sign up for 5 or 10 online sessions, with replay available.

Coming soon

Kundalini Yoga Trainings

Teacher Trainings KRI Certified
Level 1 & Level 2

In Germany, France, Switzerland…
Details coming soon.