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Kundalini Yoga


Applied Numerology

Sat Nam !

Do you sometimes feel that nothing is working, that you are too much of this or not enough of that?

That nothing makes sense any more, that the world is turning on its head, and yet you feel that you can access a whole part of yourself that is just waiting to be revealed, to propel you towards the realisation of your excellence? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This site is designed to open one or more windows into the state of mind you’re in on a daily basis.

One creation. Multiple windows with multiple possibilities, chances and opportunities just waiting to be seized.

We’re all looking for inspiration, an opening to new horizons.

The discovery or deepening of Kundalini Yoga and Applied Numerology can bring you this breath of renewal, this fresh air that can propel you towards a more authentic, truer and more fulfilled self. Then the (r)evolution of yourself can begin!

Who Am I

Honestly, spirituality wasn’t my cup of tea. I studied journalism and communications, started working in Paris as a journalist and then as a press officer, before setting sail, crossing an ocean and finally devoting myself to Yoga and Numerology since 1998.

I still love writing, sailing, the elements, relationships and the authenticity of human beings. I believe in the best in human beings. I see existence as a theater of the Divine Game.

I love the practical aspect of these teachings and the wisdom they bring us. They are the foundation of the coaching work I offer, whether in individual or group sessions.



Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness

Coupled with the study of the numbers, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool to bring balance between Body, Mind and Soul. It is the technology for our times: quick, efficient, complete in itself and fun! It brings multi-dimensional changes and open so many new windows on who you really are. 

Avtar Kaur - Kundalini yoga Teachings

Karam Kriya

The Science of Applied Numerology

It may sound complicated but in fact it is a very simple yet highly intelligent study to understand the multiple facets of human incarnation. Its main tool is the study of your date of birth, which can develop into a profound understanding of the inner structure of the Universe. It is our common language and from there we can heal and be healed.

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Avtar Kaur's dedicated way to teach Karam Kriya made us thirsty to learn more about the meaning, the Connection and the magical aspects of numbers in the Court of Karam Kriya.  Avtar Kaur helped us to start exploring this Adventure facilitating to see life and numbers clearer, removing obstacles, decoding and unmasking mind games. I am very thankful for her warm support, clear commitment and tremendous expertise she showed in each and every Workshop. 
Shamrang Singh
Mainz, Germany
Dear Avtar Kaur, for first I want to thank you for the great experience you gave us at the Karam Kriya Weekend. You opened up a kind of friendly and very open wide space which I can still feel in my heart and around me as a kind of kind and friendly energy in the sense of "life is a paradox and that makes it livable". And I also could feel the playful aspect of Karam Kriya and the pleasant complexity - and as well simplicity - of the numbers.
Jaideep Kaur
Pour moi Avtar incarne vraiment l'enseignante qui vit complètement son incarnation divine dans un corps de femme, qui a équilibré son féminin et son masculin qui a vraiment intégré les enseignements. Et vit vraiment au service du Nam. Son accompagnement m’a permis de traverser plein de petits Shakti Pad et d'avoir une autre grille de lecture quand la vie était difficile. J’ai pu devenir adulte et grandir. Elle a toujours été dans le respect de qui je suis je ne peux que la remercier et continuer ma route avec elle.
Dev Krishna Kaur
Uplift the world !
Avtar Kaur
Numerologist & Yoga Teacher