Shiv Charan Singh

When I met Shiv Charan Singh in 1998 I had just started kundalini Yoga. At that time, I was living „at the end of the world“ – almost. In Saint Jean-de-Luz in the Basque Countr- near the spanish border on the Atlantic Coast-besides surfer‘s competitions, and tourists in the summer, there was not much going on. We had the feeling we were the forgotten part of France.
Well, not quite in fact.
It is there, at the end of the world, that came the meeting that would transform my life.
With shiv Charan Singh, with the Numbers, with Karam Kriya. Since then, not only it did not leave me but I grew in it, deepened it, learned it and started teaching it. Since then, It vibrates in me, in every cell of my being. It is my purpose in life and it is my comitment to deliver it to those who are thirsty for new ways to look at life and the world we live in.

Shiv Charan Singh

Karam Kriya is for me the living exemple of how high intelligence can serve humanity. Like Kundalini Yoga, it is efficient, practical, modern, surprising, magic !
It is a constant source of discovery, growth, radiance, self-reflection and humility !

Shiv Charan Singh (the words- or the feet of Shiva) has incarnated in this life time in order to fulfill the highest purpose of the human incarnation: be a teacher. He certainly from a very young age had the caliber to be what he became for many of us: a spiritual leader.
The teachings he delivers are always simple, brilliants, humble. He has developped a immense capacity for compassion, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance and upliftment which he radiates to all those who approach him. His reference -likewise Yogi Bhajan- is the teachings behind the teachings, the Word of Guru, the word of God and he will always bring you back to this (in case you had forgotten!).
Numbers are awareness and are the guiding principles for Shiv Charan Singh and all those who study Karam Kriya.
From his birthland Scottland, he has inherited a fondeness for honesty, straightfulness, being outstanding is a second nature, and of course a great sense of humour!

We have little impact on time but we can have a full influence on the structures and forms we live in, with which patterns our minds are being shaped. Through number awareness we can renegociate and reform the terms and conditions of our incarnation. We start looking through and can start writing our own rules and role in the game of Maya!
Life becomes worthwhile and we become more receptive to the intelligence that created the numbers and that is guiding our path. We cristallise the purpose we are here to serve and experience each encounter, each situation as a way to fulfill our destiny.

You can’t change the time , but you can change the form. Karam Kriya is shape changing.